Wednesday, December 14, 2005


OK, lookit. The time of year that atheists such as myself despise is upon us. The time of year where I have to spend on other people the little money I've managed to save, lest I look like the worlds biggest asshole. I hate the holidays, I hate the forced holiday bullshit cheer that is shoved into every open hole in my body... I hate everything you probably hate about it. The holiday is nothing but a business and I find it truly sad that it all boils down to what people are buying other people.

Anyhow, to avoid looking like the biggest sociopath on the planet I have to bow to the pressures of the holiday and buy shit for my loved ones. Buying shit for my loved ones means no shows for a while. No Explosions in the Sky at Bowery. No Lemonheads either. No Fab Faux at Webster Hall. No Children of Bodom at Irving Plaza. No Roadrunner Records shin-dig at the Nokia. No living Color at Irving. I like to follow the latest buzz and check out bands I've never heard of. Alas, they'll not be heard even longer. It's not that I don't love my loved ones, but I hate Christmas so much that buying shit for the sake of adhering to X-Mas policy pisses me off because it keeps me from doing the shit I really like to do.

So unless by some Christmas miracle I start getting free tickets from people who sympathize with my disdain and selfishness, the world will have to live without my signature concert reviews and signature concert pics. By signature, I mean shite. Peace


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