Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Saturday night's Ted Leo show was certainly a family affair. Not only did my brother come down to NYC to visit me and check out the show, but the entire band's family was in attendance as well. And I'm not one to throw the word 'vibe' into my everyday language, but I just have to say that there was such a positive and energetic vibe radiating throughout Webster Hall during this show. Maybe it was seeing all those smiling old people in the balcony, obviously proud that their sons/grandsons have achieved a level of rock stardom that they never imagined possible. Maybe it was Ted Leo's unbelievable virtuosity as a singer/guitar player. Seriously, I've never seen anyone sing and play the guitar simultansously that well in my life. It was phenominal. The show made the other shows I've seen lately seem more like some cruel musical punishment.

Even the opening bands were decent. The Black Hollies, who try WAY WAY WAY too hard too pull off that whole 60s Mod thing, to the point that I wanted to burn their clothing and equipment, actually sounded fantastic. They were more of a throwback, charicature band than anything else, but it was a decent forgery and I can't deny that they sounded good. But don't let anyone tell you they're original. Pick up a Nuggets compilation. The second band, The Exit were awesome as well. Their activist lyrics were laughably childish and naive, but these guys can play. Their energy is unbelievably contagious and they have one of the best drummers I have seen in a long time. See these guys, if only to witness the drummer.

So, YEAH, the show was a blast from start to finish. Good tunes, good family, good vibes. I forgot my camera, so you'll have to live without my shitty photographs. Sorry!


Blogger Scott Thomas Bolasci said...

I sort of take the decent forgery part to heart and as an owner of all the Nuggets box sets, I must say, we would fit on there nicely. There is a lot of good stuff on there. When you grow up and are influenced by good music, you just play good music. At least it is better than wearing eye liner and playing bar chords.

Thanks for coming to the show and enjoying our set. We'll try to get some new equiptment and cloths for the next show.

See you at the bonfire.


Scott from The Black Hollies

3:19 PM  

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