Monday, November 07, 2005


Let me start by noting that the image above isn't from the actual Pilfers reunion show. I stole that pic from the internet. Sorry. Anyhow, as I was once in a band with Vinnie Nobile I couldn't resist going to the nearly instantly sold-out Pilfers reunion show at the Knitting Factory. I was a huge fan back in the day and was actually really thrilled that they decided to reconcile and play one more time. They sounded incredible and the sold out crowd couldn't get enough...

And that's where my main beef with this show arises. They played for over two hours, playing nearly every tune in their library. I know it's a reunion show, I know people came to see them play everything, and I know that this young crowd has energy to spare... but jesus christmas, after the first hour I was ready to go. The fact that I have a broken tailbone coupled with the lack of AC made me pretty antsy and miserable.

Ah, but they sounded so good. Even though I was uncomfortable I can't deny that they were ON. Plus, I saw some old ska faces that I haven't seen since the third wave was at it's peak. Meanwhile, this show sold out waaaaaaaay in advance; why they don't book a Boston, DC, Philly, etc east coast tour I'll never know.


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