Monday, September 04, 2006

Conqueror and US Tour in 2007

For those of us thirsty for more following the release of Jesu's EP Silver, some very good news has been published on Justin K. Broadrick's blog:

The new Jesu album, recently titled 'Conqueror', is currently at the end of the mixing stage and is about to be mastered. There are 8 songs on 'Conqueror', with a running time of just over 60 minutes. Planned for a February 2007 release on Hydra Head, a U.S tour will coincide with the release, shortly followed by tours of Japan and Europe. More details as they come through...

This would mark Justin's first tour of the US since he was with Godflesh and is incredibly welcome news for die-hard fans like myself. He recently toured Europe with his other project, Final, as the opener... let's hope we can expect the same in the US. Also, Justin has a presence on myspace with the Official Jesu Myspace and the Official Final Myspace.

In other Justin K. Broadrick news:

  • Aurora Borealis will be releasing a limited edition 12" vinyl only EP featuring 2 new experimental Jesu compositions

  • Currently being mixed is a limited edition split 12" vinyl EP with Eluvium, this release is a joint venture between Hydra Head and Temporary Residence

  • In other news there is a new Justin instigated band project - GREY MACHINE, the first album is currently in fruition. Expect something vicious, loose, heavy and psychedelic. More news very soon....

  • Justin has been invited to join Sunn0))) as a member of the group on their upcoming October 2006 U.K and Ireland tour

  • Justin recently mixed and produced the Pelican London live show at the Scala from December 2005 from what is to be both a DVD and a limited double vinyl set.

  • Justin will also be mixing and producing an ISIS one off performance of 'Oceanic' in its entirety, performed in London as part of the ATP festival in July 2006


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