Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hey Gang! One of the two NYC Comedians of Comedy appearances have been cancelled; WARSAW. Tickets for the Warsaw show will be honored at the Irving Plaza show. From the myspace page:

Hey everybody. Well, I'm afraid we've got some bad news for all of you in Brooklyn, our Warsaw show has been cancelled. I know, I know, we're sad too, but that's what's happened. Anybody that's purchased tickets for this show, your tickets will be honored for the Irving Plaza show the next nite. We're sorry to announce such news, but that's sometimes the price of high quality laughter. Obviously, any street teamers that were sent posters, please don't post put any up as it'd just cause confusion for the Irving Plaza gig. We're really excited to see everybody on this upcoming tour! Buy tickets early and please, get us some more scotch!

-Love, COC

And from Patton Oswalt Himself

Sadly, we're working with a new booking agency, and they're used to rock bands and such. Thus, they panicked when they saw that Eugene does a lot of regular shows in New York, and that I'd be doing a show in November at Caroline's. They somehow think this will curb ticket sales. It was going to be too much hassle to convince them otherwise, so we figured we'd cancel the Warsaw to quell their fears, and fold everything into the Irving Plaza show. Rest assured, we're going to make the Irving Plaza show VERY special, so that when we come back, we'll get to do both shows. We were very much looking forward to the Warsaw, and we're sorry about any last-minute hassles. This does mean we'll have Thursday the 14th off in NY, which means we'll secretly be dropping into someone's shows somewhere.


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