Thursday, March 08, 2007

Irving Plaza - 2/24/07

Photo stolen from CHUNKLET

I don't know what my problem is, but I find it so fucking impossible to adequately sum up shows that were so incredible and mind blowing. Zach Galifianakis' two shows at Irving Plaza on Saturday 2/24/07 are perfect examples of shows that leave my mind in tatters. I managed to see both the early and the late show, but my mind was slowly dissolved by alchohol and uncontrollable laughter that the second show seems to be a bit of a blur.

Variety Shac team member Heather Lawless opened up the first show and she was as good as ever. I seriously think she's brilliant. I can't get enough of her flawless, droning, stream of consciousness style of comedy and think she was an absolute brilliant choice as opener.

Heather was followed by Arj Barker. Being a fan of previous performances of his as well as his role in The Marijuana-logues I had high hopes for him as second opener. But for some reason I just wasn't feeling his set. His jokes just weren't as funny as I remember them being in the past and I actually felt a bit bored. Saying this really bums me out because I really like Arj! It just wasn't a good fit.

Finally it was Zach's turn and he couldn't have been better. He brought his signature riffing-whilst-playing-piano work to a completely new level with a ton of new material. And his crowd work was really phenominal as well. Some of the interviewees were real dead fish, but he managed to produce some incredibly hilarious moments regardless. His final bit, where he was dressed as Little Orphan Annnie, was something I'd heard about but had never seen. A large post-it tablet, a show tune, a bearded fat-body in a tight Annie costume and a mug-full of glitter... I defy anyone to end a show any better than that.


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