Saturday, May 06, 2006


I checked out the ISIS / Dalek show on 5/4/06 and felt the show had it's ups and downs; though, the ups far outweighed the downs. Dalek absolutely blew my mind. I honestly haven't heard anything like this. The beats were a mix of some of the finest industrial material and hip hop material brought to a boil with some of the best, most aggressive rapping I have heard live. And the bass was sooo loud and heavy that I felt like I was going barf. Then ISIS came out and just floored me. It was so loud and heavy, but within this chaos was the beautiful, heart-wrenching vibe I expected to hear.

But the show wasn't without it's minor clams. First off, Avalon has got to get it's ass in gear and allow us the honor of not sweating the flesh off of our bones. When I left you could literally see the moisture ring around the ass and balls area of my jeans. Second, some girl in an orange sweatshirt standing in front of me had her cell phone out the entire show. I am assuming she was bootlegging the entire concert on her answering machine or something. Anyone who needs to pay that much attention to their cell phone during a show is simply a piece of shit. Also, she smelled like this inside of an asshole.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Klaus, you had a good time, then, right mate?

1:43 PM  

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