Saturday, May 06, 2006


Ferrari Hat needs to vent. Like many people I was online beginning at 9:55am on May 5th waiting for tickets to Radiohead's Madison Square Garden shows to go on sale. I hit F5 until the words "FIND TICKETS" finally appeared. I got to the buy ticket page, selected 1 reserved, typed in the word identification thingy, and then waited. And waited. And waited. I waited 'in line' for nearly 5 minutes before getting to a goddamned ERROR page. I have never seen an error page on Ticketmaster. Therefore, in the time I was sitting there waiting to get to a fucking error page, the shows sold out. Thanks a lot ticketmaster.

What infuriates me more is that at 10:05, eBay already had tickets going for up to $800 a pair. Stubhub also had a wide selection of tickets, reserved and general admission. What KILLED me was that stubhub had 20 GA tickets available. And I couldn't manage to get 1?

My advice to other people feeling my pain is to boycott the scalpers. No matter how tempting it might be, do not buy from them. Even if you can afford it, don't buy from them. As long as people will pay $500 for shit seats, they will keep charging that much and more. If nobody buys a ticket from scalpers and holds off until the day of the show, prices will drop. TRUST ME DUDE! But until then, fuck ticketmaster and their absolutely shitty inability to handle such a high volume of ticket seekers.


Anonymous Ryan said...

I am in total agreement with you! It is rediculous that these tickets are so outrageously expensive. It is horrible that people can ruin a chance for people who really love music and the music of radiohead by being so sucked in with making money. That is our society for us! Pathetic excuses for living things. These people are crap. Sure I could see maybe having a couple of extra tickets and trying to make a little money back for you to go to the show. I understand, sometimes with bills we have to pay we can't afford these tickets. But come on people. $800 for tickets that were originally $54.
This is ridiculous and these pathetic scalpers are totally exploiting one of the greatest bands today. It is art for enjoyment, not for possesion!

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