Friday, May 12, 2006


I attended the Whitney Museum's ArtParty 2006 last night where I enjoyed a DJ set by MisShapes and live Rock n Roll Karaoke care of the Arlene's Grocery Rock and Roll Karaoke band and Moby. At the event, which was grotesquely star/cash studded, I was able to finally corner Moby and quickly explain the several times our paths have crossed over the years. Kelly Tisdale, Moby's former Teany business partner, was a favorite barkeep of mine at a bar in Cambridge Ma. called Charlies back in the old days when I lived in Boston. I remember her telling a bunch of us how she had just met Moby and how they really hit it off. At the time no one knew that Moby would be a crucial player in her current success. It is this story of coincidence that I opened my brief encounter with Moby. I then told him that I sat behind him at a Sex Pistols concert at Jones Beach a few years ago and that I sat behind him at the Super Size Me premier. He listened to my lame tales, but was extremely kind and noted that although he and Kelly are no longer business partners, they are on amicable terms and that he isn't surprised I ran into him at the concert and the movie premier; he noted 'punk rock and veganism are my thing.'


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