Sunday, June 24, 2007


Panda Bear @ Bowery 6.18.07 (CRED)

Last night I went to Panda Bear's second of two sold out shows at Bowery Ballroom and have to say that the live experience really overshadowed the album experience. He did the tunes from Person Pitch (and then some), but the tunes were tweaked, either in small ways, or in huge ways, and it felt to me like every song was significantly better than the album. His singing was superb and the audio-visual additions worked so well with the music. The back-drop projections featured an array of imagry ranging from pornographic collage, a head-banger pounding some drums in the middle of a rocky wasteland, people freaking out at a stadium, and many other very abstract scenes. It was a lot of fun and exceeded any expectations I had going into the show. I feel fortunate to have seen this show as there are currently no other tour dates on the horizon and the dude lives in Lisbon. However, if he ever ends up in your neighborhood GO!


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